We recommend everyone has an eye examination every one to two years. The eye examination is important to detect any visual defects or abnormalities as well as identifying any prescription changes. Eye health is not only important to keep your vision as clear as possible but can also give an overview of general health.

In most cases we recommend sight tests as follows:

  • Under 16 years of age – Every year
  • 16 – 70 years of age – Every 2 years
  • Diagnosed Diabetic – Every year
  • Diagnosed with Glaucoma – Every year

In some cases we may ask you to have an eye test sooner. This is to monitor any rapid changes in vision (common in children) or any ongoing problems/conditions.

Here at Hudson’s Opticians we offer NHS and Private examinations. We provide a 30 minute examination to all of our patients. During this time we check the visual acuity, general eye health, field of vision, intraocular pressure of the eye and examine the back of the eye. For an enhanced examination we offer OCT screening at our Bawtry practice. This is particularly recommended for patients with macular conditions, Glaucoma or family history of Glaucoma.

To find out if you are eligible for a free NHS eye examination click here. The cost of a private eye examination is £30. Please contact the practice to arrange an appointment.

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