Here at Hudson’s Opticians we offer an additional service to patients suffering with Visual Stress. Some of the more common symptoms of Visual Stress are:

  • Seeing movement in printed text
  • Blurred print (not linked to requiring a corrective prescription)
  • Letters changing shape or size
  • Seeing patterns or colours in printed text
  • Halos of colour surrounding text
  • Tiring easily when reading

Visual Stress can occur in individuals of all ages and can be linked with conditions such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Photosensitive Epilepsy, Autism and ADHD.

An up to date sight test is required to complete the Colourimetry test and the individual must be able to read simple text. Free NHS and Private examinations can be booked directly through the practice.

We recommend a coloured overlay check for anyone presenting any of the symptoms of Visual Stress. This consists of a 15-30 minute appointment. As a patient, you will be presented with several different coloured overlays to assess whether there is any visual improvement. A short reading test will then be completed with and without the coloured overlay to monitor any improvements on reading speed and reading errors.


If it is concluded that using a coloured overlay will be of a benefit to the patient we will provide a coloured overlay sheet to use at home/school/work for a period of 6-8 weeks. We will then invite you back for a Colourimetry test which is more in depth and looks at a wider spectrum of colours and shades. At this part of the test we will prescribe the colour combination provides the best results. There will then be the option to have this colour put into a pair of spectacles for more convenient use.

For anyone who has concerns for themselves or a loved one, please contact the practice for more information.

*Fees Apply.

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